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Compel People. Heal People.  


As a healthcare professional, health coach, doctor, or any other type of person in the health and wellness field, your passion is for people. You long to help people reach their best - both in health and in spirit. But. . . you're exhausted  from burn out. You are tired of spending so much time and energy giving yourself to people, yet you're unable to grow your business. You are finding it more of a challenge to keep up with your endless meetings, yearly recerts, extra schooling and your clients and personal practice.

Frustrating isn't it? How we invest so much time in bettering ourselves to better others, yet we don't have time to enrich our practice so we can grow our patient base. You've been thinking. Keeping your practice small and local is great.

But you want more.

You want to reach more than just the local community. You don't have the time to write those blogs, send those e-mails or create those ads that spark interest in your practice. In fact, it is creating more stress for you. And that is the last thing you need. You know you can't manage this on your own anymore. Who in the world do you turn to ask for help. Your colleagues aren't able to give advice, they're too busy themselves. 


  Who Am I?  


So, you've found yourself here. As a leader in the health and wellness area, you've heard about this "copywriting," and you're interested. I know you're busy, so I won't take too much of your time.  Time is money. After all, I am worth the time you've spent searching for a copywriter. 

Why, you ask?

Because I am here to help you save time. I am here to assist you in growing you're business beyond its potential. I will alleviate the stress you carry. All the stress of not being able to keep up with the content of your practice. I will help you navigate the online world of marketing, and create strong SEO-based content. 

As professionals what we talk about on a day-to-day basis can sound like medical jargon to the everyday population. My copy will breakdown the complicated gibberish. Making the it easy to read and digest, your clients will be spreading the word. 

I have spent over 10 years in the healthcare field, in many different areas. As a nursing assistant I have worked in:

  • Med-Surg

  • Ortho

  • Neuro

  • Maternal/Fetal 

  • LTC/Assisted Living

  • Dementia and Alz Care

  • In-Home Care for Seniors

I am a wife, a mom. My heart is to help people. I desire to help you succeed in your practice. I would like to see you flourish and become the best you can be. Whether you are a health coach, nutritionist, a PhD, a nurse or you hold any other credentials in the healthcare field (or even if you don't), I whelp you

What I Offer:
  •  Time-Saving Research: I will help you save time during your hectic day by researching the topics we have discussed (on top of the information you have obtained for me) and compiling together whatever content you need.  

  • SEO-based Content: In addition to my research, I will make sure to add SEO-based keywords, both short and long tailwind, so that your practice will show up in any search engine.

  • Compelling Copy: I will create copy that will make your current patients rave, and draw in new patients at the click of a link.

  • Strategic Planning: Together, you and I will come up with a game plan to tackle your content and make it everything you need to give you an edge in your practice.

  • Bundle Packages:  To save you not only time, but money, I offer a bundle that can be tailored to your needs. 

  • Monthly Retainers: This simplifies the process for us both. Solidifying our negotiations, you pay upfront 50% and pay the last 50% when the project is done. This tells you that I am serious about getting the job done, and it tells me that you are reliable and trust me to get the job done right and done on time.


Still interested? Browse my services. Decide what works for you. Schedule a a free 15 minute consult with me. Let's get you on the path to success.



Rates & Services

  • Website - $1000+

Does your whole website need a copy revamp?  I will fix your copy and create a wonderful website woven with SEO based posts and pages that will make your clients want to come back for more.

  • Blog - $200+

I will craft blog posts for you, SEO based of course, and create a headline that is catchy and full of life. I will do research on top of whatever information I obtain from you.


  • Product Descriptions - $100 per 4 descriptions

Your products are what bring in the income. Let me make your descriptions so intriguing they have to buy one (or two) of them. 

  • E-mails 
    • $100 (bi/monthly)
    • $150 (weekly)

Weekly e-mails or monthly e-mails, doesn't matter, I will tackle them both.  I will help increase your business by sending out updates, specials, sales, or alerts that will pique the curiosity of potential clients.

  • Social Media Ad/Post - $100

I will write an ad/post that will span multiple social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, etc)​ and intrigue new clients to come to your website and ask for YOUR services and advice. 

  • Bundled Packages - TBD

Depending on what you need to expand on, we can customize a package for you. Want blogs and e-mails? Want just e-mails and FB ads? I will amke it work for you. Your needs are as individual and unique  as you are. 





Tel: 717-497-4439

E-mail: skipp@copybysarakipp.com

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